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  • Swedish Match AB

  • Sam's Club

    Sam's Club has everything you need from candy, drinks, tobacco and gum / mints all at everyday low prices. No minimums, no contracts. We have hours just for you - Business Gold Key hours: begin at 7am Monday - Saturday. To save even more time, use our Click 'n' Pull or Fax 'n' Pull services....
  • Imperial Trading Company

  • International Tobacco Partners , Ltd.

    i80 Filtered Cigars: available in seven flavors: full flavor, light, menthol, vanilla, cherry, peach, grap.
  • Lignum-2 , Inc.

  • H.J. Bailey Company

  • Patriot Tobacco Company, Inc.

  • House of Oxford Distributors

  • Altadis USA

    Phillies / Backwoods / Havatampa / Dutch Masters / Erik / El Producto / Miami Suites / Antonio y Cleopatra / Omega / Muriel / Dutch Treats / La Corona / 1886 / Roi Tan / Supre Sweets / Tampa Nuggets / Tampa Sweets / Between the Acts / Super Value
  • Swisher International Inc.

    Swisher International is the #1 cigar company in America with our best selling brand Swisher Sweets Cigars. We also make world famous King Edward Cigars, Optimo Cigars, BlackStone Pipe Tobacco Cigars, and Keep Moving Goodies. Swisher also offers a wide range of smokeless tobacco including...